May 27, 2009

School Days Left

Only 10 more days of school. I have until the 10th of June. :) We had to many snow days so we have to go extra days. Ugh! Oh well!

The weather is looking nice here, although my week at camp was nice but a little hot. The other kids had (2 weeks before us) had atleast one day rainy. :) That is really hard to believe that they still had to HIKE.

I will post some pictures soon. We are going to Myrtle Beach this summer and I will try to get some pix in the pool. :) It'll be my first time "put puttin"! We go every other year for a dance convention, but we didn't and haven't been mini golfing. I never really showed the interest. I don't remember what started my "mini golfing" interest. Maybe it was the outfit American Girl had/ has. I hope the link goes for you. LOL I didn't try it out before I posted it, but I copied and pasted it, so it should.


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