September 13, 2009

Looking Back

This post isn't going to sad... about 9/11. Though I will never forget that day (I don't remember it); I will not make people teary eyed from writing about it. :)

Instead I will talk about...

I was looking back through old posts on this site. I realized that I never did have my mother write a post; and that I never posted pictures of Zoarzoar and that I never posted pictures of Chance either. I am sorry. I will one of these days. I promise.

School is going well and I really like my teachers. I enjoy seeing my friends- almost every day- and playing in band. Tomorrow jazz band will start meeting (M-W only) at 7 am. I am excited but I am not an early morning person. B-)

Please check out to find a great interview by me; Hannah; and Joelle done with Christa and Mia.

Also please stop by to enter in the give away.

Thank you and another apology,
:) Lily

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