October 26, 2009

Meeting Valerie Tripp

I thought I posted about meeting Valerie Tripp but I guess I did on my other site. Well here is the really fast summary: "Meeting Valerie Tripp was SO MUCH FUN." :))

Here is the detailed version:

Valerie Tripp is a really kind. Ms. Tripp autographed all kinds of things besides books she wrote. She signed a bitty twin's shoe; and books she didn't write but books kids just bought that day. She signed a doll carrier that a girl had just bought.
I brought a book (Meet Josefina) for her to sign. I got a photo with her. I also bought a book for my friend who was going to come to visit relatives who live just out side of Chicago but then had to change plans. It turns out it is just as well she didn't come because she had H1N1 that Sunday at 4 AM and when her mother took her in for the test it was postive. She would have been sick on the way home. PHEW. :)) I guess I am kind of glad her aunt changed plans.
I will post it. Right now I am downloading photos from the tripp- YES I haven't done it yet while I write this post. Hold on I have to click some buttons. (After I typed the rest) Ok I am about to upload the photo hold on. :))

Valerie Tripp wasn't going to be signing things during the dinner; but afterwards she announced: "If I didn't sign something of yours and you want me to; bring it up and I will". What a sweet heart.

Here is a funny story that Ms. Valerie shared with us: In Happy Birthday Samantha; she wanted Samantha to move but she needed a reason. She decided that Grandmary could DIE. As she read the "book" (it was a draft) to her husband as they they drove to mail it to get it to the editors on time- she got to that part. Here is what her husband said: Oh Valerie you can't have that happen. I love Grandmary kids are going to be soo sooo sad. Her response was OK turn the car around. She rewrote it and have Grandmary get married to the Admiral. :))

I still have Homework to do and I have to practice for a music lesson tomorrow but please come visit my other site AND be sure to enter in my giveaway. :)

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:) Lily

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