September 4, 2010

Long Weekend, and Webpage edits

I can't believe it is finally a long weekend :)

It will take some getting used to of 5 weeks with only 2 day weekends... :(

As you know 8th Grade as brought on a lot of homework, for me... I will not be able to post as often, but I will be sure to try to post weekly :)

I have been in the process of editing my other website, so you may notice some interesting things over there, like new font, or new font colors, or something like that.

I am hoping to have all of my edits on the pages (you know- the fact that I am in 8th grade not 7th etc), fixed by next week (aka- Monday Sept. 6th, 2010).

If you have questions or concerns, you can email me at: ;)

Have a good long weeeknd,


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