October 10, 2010

Where has time gone?

I would like to start off by apologizing that I haven't posted in over 2 weeks :( I really do try, but with 2 blogs and Homework (LOTS and LOTS of HW!), I do not actually find THAT much time do this :) (Hopefully things will go better next quarter, but I kind of doubt it ;0)

Oh well I suppose that is life :) I am going to try to post photos from our Trip to Michigan in AUGUST today, but I sort of don't think I will have time because I am only taking a break from Soc. Studies homework now. (I tell you that Study Guide is Time Consuming ;0)
Please continue to enter my Give Away. I have the most entries I have ever had and you still have 1 week to enter ;) WoW! The link is here: www.agpixplace.net/give-aways.html. You will need to click on the # of Comments and scroll down and enter ;-) If you have questions email me at agpixplace@gmail.com. I DON"T need your mailing address now. I will email you if you win and I need it :)

I do have a photo that isn't related to AG to show you. It is my school photo from this year. I think it is really nice. I will change it on my profile (unless it does it when you change your Google profile picture), as soon as I get the chance (which will be in 20 years!).

Have a good week, and I will do my BEST to post a S&TW (or at latest Thursday. lol. ;0)

I have to get back to work,

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