April 1, 2011

New Girl Doll Talk Episode!

Hi Everyone, American Girl Doll Talk (www.americangirldolltalk.com) has published a new episode. The guest speaker is LISA YEE!!!!!! I'm so excited. I really like the "Aloha Kanani", and the "Good Job Kanani" books as well as the "Good Luck Ivy" book. I saw on her webpage that my favorite actress (Julie Andrews) got to hold Peeps (it is the first picture on the "Peeps and famous authors" page)! So be sure to check it out. I know you can get the podcast on iTunes. It is free too. The part with Lisa Yee is about 10:30 minutes long. Also- the podcast is kind of the lengthy (~ 25 minutes), but it is really cool- especially since Britts is from Australia and I have been there! Ok- I need to go and finish changing the dolls hair and clothes so I can take the photos for the Fashion Show!

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