March 22, 2009

American Girl Club

Nothin' is new here. I was just comin' to ask how many of you were a member on the AG Club? I was. I really liked it. My mom thinks that this is how some of us are dealing with not having the Club anymore. Yup, having our own "club" like thing. We all have our own site like you could on the Club and we leave comments that are nice for each other. Maybe she is right... :)

I will try to post some REALLY cool pictures later on in the week. I am using my mom's camera because dad is using mine, so I will be using her camera. :)


Anonymous said...

I wasn't in the AG long ago did it close down? A few years ago, at least. I don't really remember it that much...


Lily- Blog Author said...

It closed in 2005. I was in it for 1 year before it closed down.

Unknown said...

Hi! I think your site is cool!

Lily- Blog Author said...

Thanks Haley. :) Do you have site? Are you a big AG Fan?