March 25, 2009


Blogger is suppose to have an outage at 4:00 PM Pacific time tomorrow ( 7 est, 6 ct, 5 mtn). I don't know if this will affect you...

Starr, I am not sure where I found your site. Maybe on Liz's site? :) Sorry. :)

Please stop by to sign my guestbook. :)



Hannah said...

Hey Lily!
Its Hannah from agdollfanz. I think you should post more pictures of your dolls! And how many do you have exactly? And how do you take care of that many?

Lily- Blog Author said...

I have 15 soon to be 16 when I go to AG Bistro in Boston. :) I do manage to take care of all of them... SOMEHOW. :) I love your site and thanks for stopping by. I don't play with the historical ones that often, but I say that Jade-Lynne, Rachel, and Jess are mine and that I am a foster parent for the other todays, the historical ones, just mainly site on the shelf, but I change them seasonally. :)

Thanks for stopping by,