August 4, 2009

Long- but Good STORY

Hi Everyone,
It is 10:30 AM and I should have plenty of time to write about all of the COOL and exciting things we did on vacation. :D LOL!

When we got into the Upper Peninsula and realized the A&Ws weren't there anymore, that was a little dissapointing, but we did get to have it on the way home in the L.P. yesterday. YEA! That was so GOOD!

We went to the Porcupine Mountains in Ontonagon and then to Munsing where we did the GLASS BOTTOM SHIPWRECK TOURS and the PICTURED ROCKS CRUISE! I have great photos of Jess and me on the Glass Bottom... Tour. I have wonderful pictures on the swing set at the SUNSET MOTEL ON THE BAY and the PETERSON'S COTTAGES. I will try posting those in a video this week.

Other than that vacation was just either eat, hike, sleep, or eat, tour, sleep and have FUN!

I am still working on CHANCE the doll I got from eBay and am fixing up. She had a bathing suit crayoned or markered on and her previous owner cut her bangs. My mom and I will post pictures of Chance and ZoarZoar (the doll my mom is fixing up!) ZoarZoar had her hair cut and my mom is fixing her up and gave her pierced ears with a push pin, (but I don't recommend that)! I will always go to American Girl for doll EAR PIERCING!

I hope that everyone has a grand summer this summer and I will clean my room, read a book that I am suppose to for School and make examples of the Holiday Give Away which starts on August 25th on my other site. Please also remember that the IVY PETITION is almost over and please sign in so I can get that mailed into them.

I promise I will post later this week, but it may or may be with out a video of PHOTOS! LOL!

Take Care! ~Lily

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