August 22, 2009

Too Long!

I am sorry that I haven't posted on this site for SUCH A LONG TIME! I have mainly gone back to Weebly; I have figured out what it can and can't handle. I have figured out how to post their some what easily. I have posted 2 new videos since the last time I posted here. So please come check them out. I have posted on my other site today. One of them is a powerpoint- converted into JPEGS "by saving as" again and then I put it into a video. One of them is for my new Video Series: How to Style Your Dolls' Hair! So CHECK THEM OUT. :)!

ALSO: I have created a Message Board which will be "subbed" for a Discussion Board! That will be for you can answer the QUESTION OF THE MONTH! I will put up a new question in October and I will link you to my Message Board. You don't have to join; and it won't be like Liz's but it will be more for "What book is your favorite by Valerie Tripp?" You can answer it here and it makes my life easier; because I won't have to fiddle with getting my "curser" into the right area so I can type. I won't have to try to get a curser and move the "text block"! So annoying that is. :)

School Starts for me on Tuesday. When does it start for you?! I will be going into 7th grade. I am sure I will have fun. :)! My "daily posts" almost will stop with in the first week of school when I get some HOME WORK! ugh.

My dolls will start school on Monday though; so that will be hard for them to have to go back so early; but it will have to work. I took some great pictures of Addy on Thursday at my mom's work; so I will try to get them up before I go back to school. Jess will be in 4th grade- home schooled kind of since she will be in Belize and Marisol will be moving but will also be in 4th grade. Jade-Lynne will be in 2nd grade and Rachel will be starting KINDERGARTEN! YEA. She is so excited.

I will try to post once more before Tuesday on this site and on the other one. I am bummed that school starts SO soon; where did summer go?! but i have to go back some time

Take Care,
:) Lily

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