May 4, 2011

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 40!

Hi Everyone,

It is week 40 of Show and Tell Wednesday! Wow. :) (my science teacher would say "wowsa" but I might just stick to wow! lol) This week I am going to post a photo of my bookshelf back in 2008. You can see my dolls Loran, Rachel and Julie, and a bookshelf on a pink wall. That is the same bookshelf that I have all of my dolls on today. At first I only needed the middle row, and then I only needed (I think) the top 2 rows as doll shelves. Then I needed the whole bookcase and I needed a new one for books.

Here are the photos:

one of the shelves for dolls only. :)

then 2008 (see the books)

2009... that isn't even now... there
I only have 14 (there might be one
below with Ivy)... and now I have 21!!!


I hope you have enjoyed this S&TW. I have OAAs tomorrow (finally the last one!) so I couldn't plan this out as well, hopefully I will have a better one next week. I just keep forgetting when Wednesday is. :)


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