May 11, 2011

Show and Tell Week 41!

Hey Everyone,

(I don't think I did this one yet... I have to go to bed, because it is late, and I didn't have time to look!)

It is so hot outside (it was 87 degrees according to The Weather Channel around 4). UGH! Where did spring go? I am hoping to get some photos soon of the outdoors and my dolls (it just stopped raining... but it is suppose to rain again- there is a chance of rain all this week but it didn't rain today!)...

Here is a photo of my dolls in front of their newly designed bedroom (just posterboard)! I don't really use this much anymore, but I think it is very handy for when I do use it..., it can make something look so different!

Rachel and Jade-Lynne infront of their bedroom wall...

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