June 15, 2011

June?- Show and Tell Wednesday Week 42

Hey Everyone,

I haven't posted here recently, but I just posted on my other page last night... and hopefully will finish the post tonight (Part II). Today I am going to show you a few photos of my Mom's doll Zoarzoar. :) Zoarzoar is an eBay rescue, and my mom had to do things like add paint to Zoarzoar's face, and fix her hair. Zoarzoar was the name of the seller, and I think Zoarzoar looks like Molly... the hair even looks like it was in braids, and the owner (maybe not "Zoarzoar, maybe the daughter), just cut the braids. Poor Zoarzoar. :)

Here are the photos:

the paint

Zoarzoar's hair

finished Zoarzoar

Thanks for looking. :)


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