August 4, 2011

New Doll Item

Hey Everyone. :) I just finished crocheting my dolls' hat. :) It was suppose to be a pot holder... but when things go wrong... just find another use. :) Read it all:


Caelen said...

Sure, Lilly, you can put my link there. =)

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Caelen, That was so fast. :) Ok, that's great. :) I already have everyone's link copied... and if people don't respond in a week... I will assume it is ok to post their link... so you should see your link up (along with about 10 other links) in a week or less .:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lily! You can put your link! I see you asked on my dolls' blog, and I thought I'd just respond here! :) Have a nice day!


Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Starra,