July 30, 2011

Homepage at www.agpixplace.net

Hey Everyone,

I remembered yesterday that my old homepage, is still linked to this webpage. I remembered that I didn't delete it incase I didn't like just having a blog for a homepage.

I remembered yesterday that when I changed to not having a "homeage" just having a blog for my homepage, that I only "hid" the homeapge. If you added "www.agpixplace.net/home.html", as your favorite or book-mark for this site, and didn't check here until I posted on there today, PLEASE change your favorite or book-mark to just the following address: www.agpixplace.net.I may eventually decide to go back to that, which is why I didn't delete it, because at first I wasn't sure I would like this at all but I am not currently using it, and if I do, wwww.agpixplace.net, should direct you to there automatically... (or whatever my homepage is).

I hope you have a great day. Rachel will be posting later, when she uploads her photos to the post. :) She has a few to share with you I think. ;)


PS: I will be posting some stories behind the "camp" photos in August! I hope you are enjoying camp, and "The Dolls' Space".

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