July 24, 2011

The Dolls' Space is Live. :)

Earlier today, my doll Kanani made her first post about arriving at camp on "The Dolls' Space". You should check it out. It is amazing for a brand new blogger. :) I am sure the dolls appreciate any comments that you would leave them over there too. :) They also have a twitter! So be sure to check that out too. :)

They don't have an email yet, but you can email agpixplace@gmail.com and include "For the dolls", or "For _____" (a dolls' name) in the subject, and I will be sure to let them see it. :)

Tank you for the great idea Eden. :)


PS: Last night, I was able to find my first tweet!- or as far down as Twitter would let me go... it was on 4. Apr. 2009! I can't believe I have had my Twitter for so long. :) I will post a photo of it (that I snipped) on Twitpic later today. :) I also snipped the dolls' first tweet so I won't have to go through that battle again! haha. :) IT took over 25 minutes, no joke. :)

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