July 27, 2011

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 42

Hey Everyone,
I know I am not keeping up with Show and Tell Wednesday, but here's one:

As many of you know, my dolls made jewelery on Monday at camp. :) I am so happy I was able to get "The Dolls' Space" off the ground!

I want to share with all of you, some of the tricks I used to make that! Here is a video that I have put together for you to be able to see how I made the jewelery work a little easier! I put together this video today, and I apologize that it wasn't posted until so late. :) It is really hard to make the loop closure without making the wire break off... which gets really frustrating. :( This will be also posted on YouTube. But it is really hard for me to post YouTube videos here with the dimensions right so it will fit on the Blog properly. :)

Change: I have to go eat, I will upload this (via YouTube) after dinner... anyone who wants it, here is my YouTube Channel:
http://www.youtube.com/user/agpixplace. It is the first video. :)

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