January 2, 2012

Why, yes another update!

I really must be on a roll here!! I have posted yet again on my other website www.agpixplace.net. I have finished reading McKenna and made a little review. I really did try not to give away too much detail and information in my review... if I did, I am sorry. I always like knowing the end, because I hate things that are unpredictable.

Let me know how I did, and if you have McKenna, are getting McKenna, or read her books; let me know what you think. You can of course post a comment, or email me at agpixplace@gmail.com. I will post your review, or your photos that you send in on my website. Also; if you got any doll related item for Christmas email some photos to agpixplace@gmail.com. I am going to try to post some soon. I will let you know when I figure out an appropriate date!!

Have a great week,

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