January 3, 2012

Winter Break, and a new book review...

Hello World!

I thought I posted this earlier this week but in my "Edit Posts" it says I never posted it, and has it as a draft. So I am going to post it to you all now. Here you go!

I truly can't believe what a great break I have had! My family and I went to Michigan to celebrate Christmas and New Year! We couldn't have had a better, snowier Christmas! :0) I realize MI has very little snow compared to their average, but since South Western Ohio has NO snow, just a few inches (approx. 10 by the time we left) seemed like a ton.

You see, I haven't had a white Christmas since 2007, and to actually see snow on Christmas day seemed like a miracle. I will update this site with some photos soon. I have used this mostly for long written posts, and have mostly posted photos here. I think I will post a few "non-AG" photos from winter break here though!

I think my dolls enjoyed seeing snow as well! I will be sure to post some snow photos on my other page. Most of the time they were cooped up inside, but just before we left, I took them out to enjoy the thick and deep snow (don't worry; I didn't take them in very deep!).

Enjoy your week. I'll update the other page soon.

PS: I posted a book review on McKenna, yesterday. I rated it a 4.5, you can read the other details here. I will be posting a review for Ready to Fly soon on this page too.

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