May 26, 2012

A Lot has Happened...

Well, that just about sums everything up!  A lot has happened since the last time I have posted here.  I have done 2 units in math, 1 long unit in Science, 3 mini-units in History (3 parts of 1 Chapter), and a whole research paper in English.  Whew!  That really has not left much time to do things like blog, or take pictures, or even practice my music!! I'm going to do a little bit of photo taking tomorrow though.  I know that I have said that many times, but I think I can make it happen since we have a 3 day weekend.

Now, we have 8 more days of school, and 4 of those are exam days. That really leaves 4 days for regular classes!  Where did the school year go?  I can't wait for summer though.  I will definitely miss the teachers next year, but summer gives you so much more freedom, and that means so much more time to take photos!

Next year I hear that the teachers give more homework, and I think I might just have to take a break.  I'll do my best to be "honest" and just announce a break when I need it.  I think will all of my extra-curricular activities, that I will definitely need a break in the fall!  I'll let you know.

I haven't logged onto Blogger in so long, that I don't know when the new template arrived.  I kept the old as long as possible, but today when I logged on, the new one was here!  When did it arrive?!

Hang in there until the end; I promise I'll be back in the summer with fun posts!


I can't believe how long ago this photo was taken (2009).  My photo taking abilities have grown so much in those 3 years.

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