August 17, 2012

A Routine...

My summer has been GREAT, but it's back to the time of year that school starts.  Unfortunately, I have to start school very soon.  I'm excited, but I also know I won't have as much time to post (not that I've been doing a lot of posting anyway).  I'll try to update my twitter more often, and I'll try to post more photos.  I have a lot of goals, and maintaining my website is one of them.

My dolls are going back to school soon too.  I'm sure I'll have some photos of their first day to post next weekend.

This weekend, I plan on being able to post some photos from my dolls' great nature scavenger hunt.  I'll post some tweets to let you know.

Have a fantastic rest of your summer (if you haven't started school yet).  If you've started school already, I hope you are having a good year.


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