February 16, 2009


Yesterday's party was cancelled because the day before we had picked up Girl Scout Cookies and I had sort them and yesterday I had to sort my own.

Rachel is doing much better today, she didn't have a fever what so ever. I am rescheduling the party for later this week after school.

I hope you all like my new blog, I had somebody send me an e-mail and they wanted a blog for all of my posts. I thought it was a good idea so I did it:)

Thanks for your great idea:) I hope you all like it, I was going to put all of the posts on here, but when I copied them they didn't keep the format, so I decided I wouldn't do that.

Because it is PRESIDENTS DAY I have no school, so I am at work with my mom. I hope you all like the format and the blog its self.

Today at 9:39 AM I have already had 20 views of the Weebly Site. Thanks for checking it out:) I can't believe that so many people LOVE AGDolls just as much as me. Please keep checking back on both sites (the Blog and Weebly Site). I will keep you tuned on my experiences after they happen for my safety. I will post here and post pictures on the other site.


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