February 16, 2009

Random Question

Please leave your comment or answer under the comments if you would like to answer the random question.

I will change the question each month, but they will all have to do with dolls or the photography or something like that.

The random question again is: HOW MANY AG DOLLS DO YOU HAVE?

Thanks, Lily:)


Anonymous said...

HI to All Readers:)
I have 15 dolls my self, but 6 of them are historical and I don't play with the Historical ones too much. I do have Marisol, Nicki, Mia and Chrissa. I also have 2 Today Girls. I have been collecting since I was 4 years old and I save up money from my jobs and buy a lot of tem through my own money. I do get some for presents but I usually buy them my self. I got the GOY my self, but I did get Marisol as a Christams Present right before we went to Hawai'i for Christmas.

Lily- Blog Author said...

GOY means Girl of the Year. I should have said that. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I have four dolls---GOY 2008 Mia, Nellie, and two JLYs Rose and Luna.

~Guardian of the dolls, STARR