November 7, 2009

Give Away

Hi. I would like to remind everyone that I have a give away going on right now on my other site (link). Please come enter because I really would like to have more than 7 people entering. :)

I just would like to have a poll on what my next Give Away item will be. I think it will be in the spring probably in early April. I know that it seems like such a long time; but really I think it'll go by pretty fast. I know that LIZ has a Giveaway (many more); but I believe that she makes money from her site using Google Ad Sense. Since I don't make money I think I will only be able to afford to have 2 giveaways a year. I will make a poll and stick it on the side. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONCE. I would like to give others the opportunity to say what they really would like me to get. I will put some of the books that give ideas (such as the Button Craft book) that doesn't come with the "kit" because it will be less in shipping.

Have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

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Shai said...

Hey Lily! Check Out my new AG blog @

Lily- Blog Author said...

Thanks for commmenting. PLEASE enter my giveaway. If you have problems email me at Can I add you to my links page? If so can you please add me to your link page?

Have a great day,
:) Lily

Hal said...

Hi! I really like your blog. Thanks for following mine!

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi. Thanks. Please be sure to visit my other blog. AND enter my giveaway (under Holiday Give Away page; then hit comments and scroll down and sign. :))