November 7, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday

I have begun to do something called Show and Tell Wednesday started by Liz. Let me describe to you what it is incase you don't know about it... I choose a photo every Wednesday and then I will describe about that photo or photos. Sometimes I put mulitple photos of the same thing onto my site. I will try to update this every week and so far (5 weeks) I have had a pretty good success rate;) I hope this helps you understand about Show and Tell Wednesday. To see all of my posts about Show and Tell Wednesday please click on the SHOW AND TELL WED. at the bottom in the right hand corner of this post. (under # of comments) If you have questions about this post or any other posts just drop me a line at

Have a Good Day,
;) Lily

*NEWS*- I wrote this on Dec. 16th, 2009 after the S&TWWeek5. I hit post option though so that it would be down with the 1st S&TW;)

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