November 11, 2009

Show and Tell!

Hi. I think I will just do it just maybe this once- I can't promise I will remember every week to update this. :) Ok. I am going to do a show and tell (started by Liz). I think this is really neat and I will do it every once and a while.

This week I am showing you all a picture of when I first got Jess (MORE than 1 year ago). If you have seen this post before the first time I was thinking a year ago (back in Oct 2008). But then I looked back and said NO WAY that can't be more than a year ago so I said more than 6 months ago. THE TRUTH I GOT JESS MORE THAN 1 YEAR AGO. :)) I had this picture taken by my dad. It used to be my old blog picture. In 2006 I wanted Jess but my mom said no. A little while after 2006- my mom found out that Jess was from the U.P of Michigan (the part we visited this summer). So in 2009 my mom finally broke down and got her for me from eBay. She was previously owned (and loved) by a girl who had really wanted Marisol (no- I am never selling my dolls. :)) Her mother told her that if she sold Jess on eBay she could use the money (profit) and buy Marisol on eBay. So it was a happy ending for everyone- especially Jess who got to go to a home where she was really badly wanted.

Ok here is the photo.

I didn't do my hair infact I just had gotten out of the shower a little while before that.

Have a great day,

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