May 28, 2010

Give Away...

Hi Girls:) I am just wanting to remind you that my Give Away for the Rebeca Just for Fun is still going until June 4th. Click the link in parenthesees( to enter. Click on the number of comments and scroll down or click the title of the post (both are in tourqouise blue) and scroll down to comment. Please tell me your name, you have your parent's permission and if you live out the US where so I can see if I can accomodate you:).

Other than that... I am still planning on doing a Weekends Show it All thsi weekend on my webpage. I am planning on going to the Michael's Store to do the American Girl craft are you?

Have a good day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My name is Olivia, i live in tn, usa, and have parents permission!