May 19, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 24

Hi Girls:) I can't believe I have been doing this 6 1/2 months:) **Don't forget about my Give Away until June 4th. I haven't changed the date on the page yet. I will today:) PLEASE ENTER! I know Liz has give aways for clothing but I can't afford that (with my own money:)).
I have a pattern for doll pajma pants (or shorts if you cut them:)). I am planning on making some to give away as well as some to keep for myself. We are making "boxers" or pajama bottoms in Life Skills right now and with my leftover fabric I am planning on making a pair to match mine. With other fabric (I'll post a photo soon:))- I am planning on making some for my dolls and some to Give Away. I should be able to give them away by August or September at the latest:)
So this week I am going to post a photo of the fabric and the pattern that I am planning on using for the pajama shorts!

Have a good day,


Emily said...

Your kidding me.I've got the same pattern.My sewing teacher hasn't shown me yet but it sure sounds so fun to make it.Love the blog!

Lily- Blog Author said...

Cool:) We made "boxers" in class and had our "fashion show" today! We got to wear them around school:) I am excited to make a doll pair becasue I will pretty much do the same thing but on a smaller version:))