May 12, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 23

Hi Girls:) I can't belive that this is the 24th week i am doing S&TW. If you don't know about it please click here.
This week I am going to show you a photo of my doll Elizabeth. WHat? Where'd she come from? Remember I did a poll (way back when!)- about do you suggest I get Elizabeth. From your suggestions and from my "wants" I decided to ask for Elizabeth for my birthday. I am so glad that she is in my doll family now:) I now have 21 dolls. I can't believe it has only taken me 13 years to reach that. (not even.:)
SO next week I should be able to do a photo too. :) Maybe next year (school year) I may only be able to do S&TW every other week or something because I hear in 8th grade you get more homework:) ugh!
Ok... got to go to dance,

Here is the photo:) Kit and Jade-Lynne are welcoming Elizabeth into the family:) Doesn't Elizabeth (especially, but the others too) look so happy??


Gabrielle said...

Well, in 8th grade you do get quite a bit of homework, I thought 7th grade was WAY worse, though. Depends on your school.

Lily- Blog Author said...

Yeah. I hear 8th is really bad ( they are "prepping" you for high school). In 5th it was "bad" and in 6th it wasn't any worse- it was easier so....