October 8, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my lack of posting... as you can tell, I have been posting on my other page (amazing... I know). I will be making another post there this weekend. I have been trying to post at some point during the week, but I have been posting there every weekend this school year (usually on Sunday).

I would like to say, I have drawn the winner for my Give Away, and the winner is MORGAN! I have emailed you, (last week). I have not heard a response yet, but I will give her time before I go draw a new winner!

I am planning on doing a Show and Tell Wednesday this week here, so keep your eyes open! Things have been very busy lately between the dolls and myself. I have been at school every day (obviously) and when I come home, I do my homework and just lounge around... I must say, I do look at others' blogs every day, but just neglect to edit my own! Plan on seeing a post on the Dolls' blog page soon as they have some exciting news to share!

I recently got a new outfit from American Girl. I am planning on posting some photos this weekend. I am going to American Girl Place (in Chicago) soon. I am NOT going to give ANY details, but I will definitely post photos when I get back! I am only PLANNING on getting a few things, but if you REALLY truly know me, you know that won't be the case. ;0)

I PROMISE to give a full update soon. I will even try to post some photos here this weekend!


PS: I am going to try to be better about labelizing my posts!!

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