October 9, 2011

Some new photos...

Hey Everyone,

I just posted some new photos on my other page! Here is a summary though (with the photos!).

Loran and Jabrai are in their fall clothes now! Here they are! Loran's outfit actually came from Toys "R" Us. It's size 0-3 months, but the pants are lose (I'll fix that) and the shirt is really loose, so we just safety pinned it in the back for now. Jabrai's shirt came from Build a Bear.

Also, my family and I are hoping to go to Chicago later this year! The problem?- I don't know who to bring! I have narrowed it down to Jade-Lynne or Marisol, and I have picked out the outfit. Below are 2 pictures, one of each doll in the outfit they would wear to Chicago and AG Place! Let me know who you think looks better in the outfit! I'll take comments until Thursday night.

Jade-Lynne (L) and Marisol (R) in the Pink and Gray outfit! I love the color combo!

Just comment below, you do I believe need to sign in here to post a comment but you don't need to on my other page (www.agpixplace.net). Have a great week. I promise to post more here!


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Hannah said...

I think Marisol! :)