October 17, 2011

We're Back LIVE with PHOTOS!

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to be able to say I am back with some great videos and photos!!!  I am sorry about the long time between posts here but I am happy to say that has come to a stop- atleast for the moment!!  So sit back and relax with your popcorn as I explain what I've been up to!!

Recently my family and I went to Chicago!  It was a great time for all; and I even got Cecile!  I got to pick out which Cecile I wanted but she is still a Christmas present and I must wait until Christmas to open her!  I can't wait.  I also got 3 new outfits, a sweater, and Marie Grace's bouvier!  My favorite teacher has a bouvier and I knew I HAD to get that dog when I saw him in the catalog.  I might just have to change his name to Bud!

Here are some great photos from the trip!  As I got bored along the 5 hour car ride, here are some things I did to entertain myself!!  These pictures were taken in the car after I fixed her hair.  ... so check the other page to see some from AG Place, the aquarium, and more!

                                                   Marisol with a bun in the back

Marisol with 2 braids.  This is how I wanted the hair done at AG Place!  This is how her hair was when we left the house. ;0)

Ok I will be back soon to tell you all of the adventures we faced in Chicago (I promise they're all good).  I will also post photos on my other page before next weekend (I hope)!!


PS: I posted 3 videos of Dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium on Youtube.  www.youtube.com/user/agpixplace.  You should be able to find them on my channel! 

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