November 9, 2011

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 44!

Hey Everyone,

I am so glad to be posting a Show and Tell Wednesday!  Honestly- I almost forgot about it!  I think this is week 44 but I am not going to go check.  It might be week 45, because I think I might have postd Week 43 twice... Anyway, it's around week 44!

As you know last weekend I had a friend over and we took many pictures of my dolls.  Here are the 2 photos I posted before they were edited.  This is really truly what the photos looked like before I edited them. 

Chance is arriving at the party.  See how I have all white for the background? 
This makes editing easier!

Jess is doing school work.  Again the same original
background is used to make editing easier!

My mom posted on her Doll Science blog the other day.  This post tells you how to find miniatures around the house that are the right size for your doll.  She also added a Subscribe by email gadget so you can subscribe and be notified by email each time she posts. 

I'll post 2 new photos over the weekend!


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