December 11, 2011

The countdown to Christmas begins!

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would post a quick update here to let you know that everyone is well, and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun! I can't wait to get Cecile this Christmas and I know my dolls are just as excited. I picked out which Cecile I wanted at American Girl Place in Chicago, she is just in her box until Christmas. I will post some photos when I do get her.

I am planning on posting a Guess that Picture today. It'll be my first, and I am so excited. I have to edit the photo I would like to use, and blow it up really really big. As long as I can figure out how to do that, we should be in great shape... otherwise that will come later, and another ordinary sized photo will appear today on my other page.

Now about the Give Away that I had about 2 months ago... I still have not heard anything from Morgan, our winner. I will draw a new winner today, and post the new winner tomorrow. My new Give Away policy for ALL Give Aways: If you win, you MUST email me an address no later than 2 weeks after I email you to let you know you won.

So... since I said the Countdown to Christmas has officially begun here... let's say how many more days! There are only 14 more days after today, and not including Christmas day! So really 15! How exciting? Are you doing anything special for the holiday season? I'll be sure to post some great photos over the break, and let you know what I get for Christmas!

Have a great Holiday Season,

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