December 27, 2011

A new updated Holiday Blog

Ok... after a failed attempt to actually publish this...:

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! I have taken the time today to update the Blog's background to match winter. I forgot to do this for the fall, and haven't done it since Spring 2011. I am going to try to do all four seasons in 2012 but no promises. :0) Everything has been terrific here; and I think we all got what we could have asked for. I got Cecile, some clothes Argos (Marie-Grace's dog) who I will rename Bud. You see; a person I know has a dog named Bud who is a Bouvier, so since I don't have Marie Grace, Argos is now named Bud! My dolls now have a new sister. I truly have no idea, how many dolls I have now but I believe it is approx. 22. I also have a few non-AG dolls, so we are close to 35 which isn't bad at all for a collector... guess you know what is coming!! :0)

I also got an Amazon Kindle. I have read 3 Nancy Drew books on it so far, and just purchased a fourth book for it. I need to upload it to my Kindle. I don't have WiFi so I have to download the books to my computer before uploading them to the Kindle!

I am going to end this post since I keep deleting half of what I type by accident.

Have a great new year,

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