February 20, 2010

Give Away!

Hi to all,

I would just like to remind all of you that there are only 3 days (until February 23rd, 2010 at midnight) to enter my giveaway ;-)

If you enter you will receive a blanket that will fit perfectly on your doll and a pillow that matches. These 2 items are homemade.

I will be having a Spring Give Away too I think. It will be the top winner of the poll that only has 4 more days on it ;) I will go down that list slowly and when I run out I will have another poll with new items on it! I also have an item that wasn't even on that list. I will be sure to give it away though. I will be giving the item away for the Holiday Giveaway I think!

I am also thinking of some items that weren't even on that list so we will have to see when I give things away what they are!! If you have ideas for Giveaways and/ or Show and Tell Wednesday please email those ideas to agpixplace@gmail.com. If you have photos that you would like me to share or you would like to go onto the slide show I will be making please email those to lpictures100@gmail.com.

~ Lily

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