February 17, 2010

Show and Tell Wed. Week 14

So first of all: I made a page (new feature?!) "About: Show and Tell Wed! If you have questions about it or would like to read about it please click here!
So for this week's Show and Tell Wednesday I have decided to post a photo of my doll Rachel (JLY #4). This is a very cool photo because her head is tilted so that it really does look like she is posing when I just stood her there.
I don't know how her head got like that (I must have bumped it at some point), but it is perfect for the photo!!

Rachel (JLY 4) posing...

So... I still would like your ideas for Show and Tell Wednesday. Please email them to agpixplace@gmail.com :-) Also- I am still planning on making a slide show with photos of your dolls. I will add your site address to the photo(s) if you don't- but so far I have only gotten 1 person's photo. Please send those to lpictures100@gmail.com (my email for photos!).


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