February 10, 2010

Show and Tell Wed. Week 13

I can't believe it. This is the 13th week of Show and Tell Wed. To learn more about S&TW please click here.
SO this week Heather and Mia decided to go Ice skating. In the photo shown Mia and Heather are on their way to the ice rink. Right now they are going to practice. Mia is in her old ice skaing outfit from 2008. She gave Heather her really old one to wear.
So speaking of Ice Skating on a rink... my friend Caitlin has an ice skating competition this up-coming weekend. So be sure to wish her luck! Good Luck Caitlin =)
Here are the photos, Lily!! I am also attaching a photo showing how much snow we got between this past weekend and yesterday. Nine inches isn't alot everywhere but here most people consider that a lot. (They just haven't seen alot!! I know most schools wouldn't even cancel for that but...)
Mia is in the green and my newest doll (an eBay rescue) is in Mia's silver outfit.
We got 9" of snow. Arund here people consider that alot.

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