February 4, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 12

Hi Girls=) Well First thing is first: I am sorry that I am late posting this:-) This unforunately may not be the last time:( This year my Wed. are very busy- but I found that I can set it up to post; so I may do it on Tues. and have it post auto. on Wed:)

So... earlier this week I was using my mom's old portable type-writer. I made Kit write some letters to Ruthie and her friend Samantha. I would like to share those photos with you now.

The red ink works the best but theblack also works.
I am honestly hoping to get some (2 or 3) videos up this weekend!! I will upload them, edit them and upload them onto YouTube, my homepage and on Blogger.
Have a Great Day:)

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