April 23, 2010

Hey There;)

Hey There;) This time it's Rachel!!

So... Lily has been really busy with the OAAs and dance so I'm going to tell you a little bit what has been going on in the doll world;) lol.

Yes, I do know how to type;) I have seen Lily do it so...

Ok so... because Lily & her family haven't been around that much her dolls (including me) have been taking advantage of that including right now;) lol. We have been playing on her computer and even her laptop because we can reach that easier;) lol....

I am sure she will post something later but that is all for now. we don't know her twitter info. or how to use twitter so we haven't been doing thingso n her twiter.

i don't know how to spell check so sorry for the errors. Lily does but I don't.

I hope I don't get caught and get into Doll State for this;) lol. no seriously!!!

See ya',ll later!!

Rachel;)))))) (JLY 4)

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