April 9, 2010

Tired;), Weekends Show it All!

So after the first week back at school what do you expect from me? TIREDNESS!!! I am exhausted;) Worst part is that I am here at my dad's work today (my mom had meetings and things) until 6. My family isn't doing anything too heroic so I will be posting photos and maybe even a video!!!! (San Fran Video #2.)

I have decided to do something called "Weekends Show It All". Because I do S&TW here, I would do Weekends Show it All on my webpage so people who don't look at both can see that.Every weekend that I am home and free, (I am not busy) I am going to do a photo story and post it. Eventually the plan is to be able to have all of the photos from before (so this weekend I might do next weekends and then next weekend take photos for the next weekend but post that weekends). Or maybe I will just do an take weekend by weekend.

Basically I feel that some of the other girls are putting more things up. So this is my plan so that I can put more up but because I am so busy during the week I have to wait until the weekend.

I will definitely be posting a photo story this weekend.

Have a good one!
! Lily

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