April 7, 2010

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 19

Hi . Welcome to Show and Tell Wednesday. If you don't know about it click here. This week I am going to show you a photo of Julie and a doll named Olivia. I met Mia, Olivia's owner in Ghiradrdelli's Square in San Francsico. Her family is from San Diego, (so alot closer to San Fran than we are;)) and Mia will be getting her first AG doll if she has good grades;)

I exchanged Mia's email address for mine and have emailed her a few times since I have been home.

Here is the photo:
I hope you all enjoy it. Doesn't Julie look happy to have a friend?

Have a good day,



GirlDollTalk said...

Hi Lily! Thanks for adding your site to our contest! When you get a chance, add a banner or link on your site so your fans can vote for you! Log back in on the http://girldolltalk.gotop100.com/ site and get your special link that identifies your site. We hope you win because we want to interview you again!

Christa and Mia

Lily said...

Seriously;)? Oh I was doing it because I wanted to see where I ranked. I mean I would LOVE to be interviewed again because I feel the first time I was EXREMELY loud, but I figured you could bump person 11 up (if I was in the top 10) and then they would be sooo happy.

I mean if you are willing to interview me again I would love that (If I win!)...

It seems confusing but if you are willing to interview me again and I win then let me know. I will be willing to be interviewed again(I WOULD LOVE TO DO IT;))