January 2, 2011

Hawaii, and new pix!

We just came back from Hawaii yesterday incase you didn't read my twitter post- that's why things have been so vague.

Also- I posted some new photos on my webpage: www.agpixplace.net/photos-2011.html. I have decided to try to avoid doing posts (typed posts) on that page, but if I need to I will add a Posts 2011 page :) The photos include Kanani on the Local Hawaiian news (KHNL), and photos from Waipio Valley, and Volcanoes National Park. I have one of the Presidents plane in Hilo (we think the plane he wasn't in since he was on Oahu) but that is a photo and story for another time :)

I have to go study for my tests, and eat. We had a snowday I was suppose to take them since I was leaving for Hawaii, so I had to wait until we got back... unfortunately I will have to "relearn" the material. I remembered math and really just reviewed, but science... I don't know about :)

Have a good week,

PS: I will try to start up Show and Tell Wednesday again this week... but I don't know if I can since I have an Algebra midterm next Monday (Jan 10), and will be reviewing for that. Any idea what week I was on?

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