January 31, 2011

A new Photo Story/ S&TW... :)

Hi Everyone,

New Photo Story
I have some good news... I am currently working on a photo story...!!! IT is about Valentines Day... :) I am hoping to do some of the behind the scenes as a Show and Tell Wednesday this week even though the Photo Story wouldn't be quite done! Now- wouldn't that be nice to get back in the swing of things? We have been throwing things together here and there, but haven't done anything big since November! (especially a S&TW!). For those of you who forgot what it is click here. I hope you enjoy this weeks Show and Tell Wednesday.

Snow Day
I am hoping that we have a snow day either tomorrow or Wednesday. We are about to get an ice storm, and tomorrow it is suppose to be ice in Dayton and rain in Cincinnati. We are right at the border where we get what either Cincinnati or Dayton gets... so I don't know... I am hoping for a snow day though one of the 2 days because I would LOVE to be able to finish the Photo Story on Tuesday or Wednesday and get it posted. Then maybe I could do another one over the weekend.

Please don't forget to sign the petition... I am really hoping for 50 signatures in less than 1 month... click here for it: www.agpixplace.net/petitions.html. I have 3 signatures. Great!- PLEASE include WHY you want a new Asian Historical doll... would you add her to your wishlist? etc.
I will talk to you soon. I will hopefully have a snow day this week... keep your fingers crossed :)



Shai said...

Hey Lily!
LOVE your blog! You are so lucky to have so many dolls! If you ever have the chance you could check out mine- acanadianamericangirl.blogspot.com
-or just click on my name.
Great work on your blog!!

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Shai,

I will definitely check out your blog...