December 23, 2009

Jolly Holiday Pictures

TODAY IS SHOW AND TELL WED. so come back in the afternoon/ evening to see my new photo:D

Today my plan is to take some wonderful holiday photos of my dolls. I will not tell what of because I would like it to be a surprise :) Meanwhile I am going to have a photo share! Please email any photo (ONLY 1 please) to me at by January 1st and I will post them on my site (which on 01/01/10 will be and I will also post them on my Snap Fish account that I just made :) I had one before for personal use but I will now have one for my site;)

I would like to say one thing: You guys have been helping my site grow and develop whether you know it or not! For example LIZ gave me the idea to host a holiday give away and you all have been giving me ideas through your sites.

Please have a wonderful Holiday season and a happy new year,

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