December 30, 2009

Show and Tell Wedneday

Hi Guys!
Welcome to Show and Tell Wednesday week 7. If you don't know S&TW is please click here. This week I am going to show you all a photo of my doll Chance that I got on eBay. Chance needs some fixing up still but I think that she looks great now=)
I named her Chance because the sellers username was chance...

Chance before

Chance After
Have a good day!!


Hannah said...

was that a marker-bra???

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Hannah! I am not really sure. I know though that I have used some stuff from My mom used it on her rescue Doll Zoarzoar so we know it won't do damage. Plus my mom and the guy at Twin Pines are both Chemists so...

It actually is a bathing suit. The girl I guess wanted the doll to swim but the doll didn't have a bathing suit so the solution was to draw one on.

I will have some pictures of me cleaning Chance next Wed.

Have a good new year,

Jenny said...

Cute Blog! You did a good job cleaning up Chance she is tooo cute now!