December 16, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday Week 5

Hey. :) I can't believe it is Show and Tell Week 5! To learn please click the link. That is a pretty long time- a month;) WoW:) As you can see on Twitter I have been somewhat busy and got back from Boston on Monday night and still had to study for a test in health. I forgot my study guide. ;( I did it but then was thinking "O- I did that...." Right now I will have to hunt for a photo for Show and Tell. Hold on.....

OK- found the one. :) I got a flowergirl dress from eBay. Yes I do realize that AG sells them too with the flowers etc; but you know eBay is really additcing. :) So here are the photos. Captions are below the pix.;)

Jade-Lynne's feet (sandals I got from.... I think Michaels; )

Jade-Lynne with her bow. :)
Have a good day;)
;) Lily

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