December 2, 2009

Show and Tell Wednesday

So welcome to Show and Tell Week 3. :) WoW!!!

So this week I am going to share a photo with you of my new doll that my dad's student CHUCK got for me. THANKS CHUCK. :) I named her Andreea (say An-dreeea). (the best pronunciation diagram I can use. :)) That is the name that Chuck picked out and I liked it so I kept it. :))So I got Andreea on Thanksgiving and I really like her. She is a Madame Alexander 18" doll. So here is the photo of her with some of her new friends. :))


Rachel, Chance and Andreea
Have a good day.



Hal said...

My sister also has a Madame Alexander 18" doll! She named her Joy, and she has blond hair. Yours is so pretty! Congratulations!

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi dollsandmoredolls,
Thank you for your comment. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season;)

MORe photos comeing soon to: