December 19, 2009


Hey;) This is actually our second snow fall but our first "major" snow fall. We had snow about 2 weeks ago but it didn't stick. I would estimate that we currently have 1". It is compressing but we actually have had a few inches fall over night.

This is the worst I have gotten yet- but I actually don't have anything for my mom yet. She is going to take me to the mall so I can get her either a giftcard or some soap etc at Bath and Body Works. I asked her if she had a guess and her guess was right. UGH! So now I don't need dad's help. Mom may know the store but she doesn't know exactly know what she is getting;)

;) Lily


Anonymous said...

I love snow! It's my favorite! Ii am new to blogging and I would love if you stopped by my blog.


Unknown said...

Hi Mia, Thanks for commenting on this post. I left a comment under your ABOUT ME! Please come back and feel free to email me if you have questions.