June 9, 2010

It's Mia... and Marisol!!!

Hi. Lately Lily has been posting, but decided that maybe it should be our turn for a change. So me (Mia) and Marisol decided to give you a update about the latest doll news. NO!- We haven't heard anything about a new doll, but this is information about our "little" family (of 20 dolls isn't little but...)

Ok. So Lily has been pretty busy so we have decided to tell you some things that we know about future web posts. She will probably do a new Weekends Show it All in the next few weekends. She will be doing a Show and Tell Wednesday next week, and she will probably post a lot (as usual!).

She will be posting a S&TW today.

With Love!

your doll friends: Mia and Marisol:)

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